Unstructured Data Protection

Sensitive data comes in many different forms, from PCI data, PII and health information, to intellectual property, trade secrets and client data. This unstructured and highly sensitive data has to be protected for the security of your customers – and for the safety and reputation of your organization. With cyber theft and data leakage costing industries billions of dollars, and showing no signs of slowing down, we’ve got the ideal solution.

Combining over a decade of industry experience with cutting-edge technologies, we’ve created our SmarterDLP solution to help you fight back against data theft and leakage. SmarterDLP is a modular solution providing you with the ability to quickly and easily Discover, Classify, Secure and Protect unstructured data across your entire network.

Did you know?

What does SmarterDLP for Data Leakage Prevention Offer?



  • Locate Data at Rest
  • Predefined filters
  • Custom filters
  • Structured data lists
  • Machine learning


  • Apply Security Classification
  • At point of creation
  • Discovered data
  • Add watermark
  • Add metadata


  • Digital Rights Management
  • Encryption
  • Granular access rights
  • Persistent security
  • *Content centric security*

In Motion

  • Inbound & Outbound Control
  • End point access
  • Downloads / Uploads
  • Inline traffic analysis
  • On premise or cloud

"Your data and its users are more mobile than ever before, and that means your data has never been in more danger than it is today."

- Ryan Lott, CEO, Neocol

Discover your Data

Using a range of powerful and intelligent search and analysis processes, automatically locate your sensitive data across your enterprise

Pre-defined Filters

The ability to discover and classify data such as PCI, PII and PHI.

Custom Filters

Apply custom filters to easily discover data based on search terms or patterns, such as employee numbers, case number, client numbers, etc.

Handwriting Reading Capability

The software can even discover and classify information written by hand on documents.

Structured Data Lists

Locate documents that contain information from databases, e.g. where more than 10 client names from a database exist in a document.

Machine Learning

The software can be trained to recognise any document type your business uses, such as employee contracts, financial reports, mandates, payslips, etc.

Classify your Data

At point of creation - Automatically classify newly created or modified documents
Discovered data - Apply classification to existing data discovered by SmarterDLP Discover

Add Metadata

Add metadata to new and existing content, giving you more control, as well as quick and easy classification.

Apply Security

Depending on the level of Classification, invoke SmarterDLP Secure.

Apply Watermark

Watermark documents with your security classification, business name, logo, etc.

Secure Your Data

Immediately protect your data with maximum efficiency

Powerful Encryption

Immediately secure sensitive files with NSA Level 256bit AES encryption.

Persistent Security

Protect and control individual files in any environment, whether you email sensitive content, copy it to a cloud-based file sharing service or give it to someone on a USB drive.

Dynamic Permissions

Grant permission for a limited time, change permissions or revoke access instantly, on all versions of documents wherever they reside.

Apply Digital Rights Management

Apply granular access permission/rights to documents based on users’ roles and responsibilities.

In Motion

Control the inbound and outbound flow of your organization’s content

Downloads & Uploads

Monitor and control data that users download and upload.

Inline Traffic Analysis

Real time analysis of SMTP, HTTP, FTP, plain text and IM traffic.

End Point Access

Monitor end user activities on all devices by centrally managed security policies.

On-Premise or in the Cloud

Powerful protection for your on-premise and cloud applications.

SmarterDLP vs Traditional DLP

Traditional DLP solutions rely purely on blocking content from leaving your organisation. However, SmarterDLP for Data Leakage Prevention takes a different approach, by providing content-centric security and protecting the content on any device, inside or outside the firewall.

What makes it "Smarter" DLP for unstructured data?

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