Actively analyze and take action on unstructured data

In today’s ever growing world of data and risk, enabling organizations to discover, classify and remediate their unstructured data immediately is crucial. However, without the correct tools, it’s a tricky, if not impossible, task to perform effectively. Thanks to the SmarterDLPTM, we can begin locating, classifying and remediating sensitive data across your entire organization within just a few hours, giving you piece of mind and full control over your critical business and client information.



Identify, classify and understand your data landscape.



Have the ability to apply the appropriate classification to discovered data.



Take appropriate remediation action based on your data classification.


Identify, Classify and Understand your data landscape

Pre-defined Filters

The ability to discover and classify data such as PCI, PII and PHI.

Custom Filters

Apply custom filters to easily discover data based on search terms or patterns, such as employee numbers, case number, client numbers, etc.

Handwriting Reading Capability

The software can even discover and classify information written by hand on documents.

Structured Data Lists

Locate documents that contain information from databases, e.g. where more than 10 client names from a database exist in a document.

Machine Learning

The software can be trained to recognise any document type your business uses, such as employee contracts, financial reports, mandates, payslips, etc.

Classify Data Under Control

Have the ability to apply the appropriate classification to discovered data

Tag Your Data

Tag existing and newly created data, giving you more control, as well as quick and easy classification.

Report on Classifications

Create stunning reports quickly and monitor your data easily with our classification reporting tool – a simple solution for both high level and granular reporting.


Take appropriate remediation action based on your data classification

Delete / Copy / Move

Take control of your data by securely deleting, copying or safely moving your sensitive items to the new storage place.


Automatically cover and hide your sensitive data from view of those who don’t need to see it.


Automatically substitute sensitive credit card information with a unique generated placeholder or “Token” to protect it.

Powerful Encryption

Immediately secure sensitive files with NSA Level 256bit AES encryption.

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