Persistent Protection of Unstructured Data

Your data has never been in more danger than it is today.

No business is safe from the risk of unstructured data theft. Every day, employees import and share data in all formats, from documents to spreadsheets, video to email. Content is shared internally and with vendors, customers, partners and more.

It’s easy to lose track of this rapidly changing and moving data.
This “Data in the wild” presents a growing threat to your business.

Sensitive, unstructured data may contain:

Private Customer Information
Financial Details
Protected Health Information
Intellectual Property
Strategic Business Plans

How can you protect your business?

  • Protect important content once it leaves your firewall
  • Change or revoke permissions, regardless of where the content is now
  • Easily search, find and protect sensitive, unstructured data across the business
  • Automatically apply content classification
  • Catch compliance violations and reduce risk
SmarterDLP(tm), the all-in-one solution.

Know the facts about unstructured data & theft:

While these breaches can be the result of insider theft or organized

hackers, they are often the result of unintentional disclosure.

Companies that have failed to secure unstructured data also suffered:

Reduced share prices     Loss of Intellectual Property

Decreased revenue and profit     Tarnished reputation

Eroded business customer or partner trust

Are There Gaps In Your Unstructured Data Security Program?

Unstructured content is part of every business operation.

Why wait to understand risk after an incident has taken place?

You should know:

Is your unstructured content presenting a threat to your business?

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How Smarter DLPTMWorks

SmarterDLPTM takes the guesswork out of securing your unstructured content.

It automatically finds and protects all of your sensitive, unstructured content across the enterprise:

  • ACT


Identify your vulnerability points.

A powerful search and analysis process will automatically locate and classify your sensitive unstructured content across your enterprise.

Search more than 100 different data sources and 450+ file types out of the box.

  • Locate Personally Identifiable Information (PII), Payment Card Industry (PCI), Protected, Health Information (PHI) and other sensitive data.
  • Meet complex classification requirements with ease.


Immediately protect your data the most efficient way.

Quickly and easily apply automatic Enterprise Digital Rights Management (EDRM), without disrupting business operations. Use dynamic permissions for ultimate control, no matter where content has gone.

  • Control who sees your information and what they can do with it – from read-only to geo-fencing.
  • Immediately secure sensitive files with NSA-level 256bit AES encryption.
  • Integrate your single sign on (SSO) technology to simplify management.
  • Protect and controls individual files in any environment; whether you email sensitive content, copy it to a cloud-based file sharing service or give it someone on a USB drive, it is protected.
  • Change your mind. Grant permission for a limited time, change permissions, or revoke access instantly, from wherever you are. Use a central security policy to ensure that unauthorized users are barred access, period.
  • Continuing protecting: SmarterDLP™ is content-aware and always on guard, searching for new and modified content that needs to be secured.


Stay a step ahead of risk.

  • Monitor how data is used and who is using it
  • Be alerted to unauthorized access attempts


Take additional actions to mitigate risk, perform e-discovery and file cleanup

  • Organize or clean up files to further enhance protection
  • Change the document classes and security profiles
  • Move content to Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions or other systems of record, put it on legal hold, copy or delete it
  • Export content to eDiscovery management tools


Oversee your data in the wild.

  • View access trends and content-related activity.
  • Use audits & attempted access tracking
  • Create closed loop audit trails that meet your compliance needs.
  • Identify when content theft may be occurring and gather forensic information post-incident.

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ROI Summary
  • Avoid data breaches that are costing businesses millions of dollars on average
  • Protect against both external and internal theft of sensitive data
  • Compliance Support – HIPAA, PII, PCI, FISA, FINRA
  • Save on reduced disk and storage costs
  • Quick deployment, so ROI begins immediately

Why Is It “Smarter” DLPTM?

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