Structured Data Protection

Most organizations realise they have sensitive structured data at risk of malicious attacks or accidental disclosure. The challenge is knowing where the data is, who’s accessing it and how it’s being used. SmarterDLP (Smarter Data Loss Prevention) for structured data can find the answers, as well as provide real time alerts, a full audit trail and the ability to automatically block or mask access to sensitive data.

Did you know?

What does SmarterDLP for data leakage prevention offer?



  • Locate Structured Data
  • Predefined filters
  • Custom filters
  • Non invasive/disruptive
  • Knowledge base


  • Apply and Analyse
  • Report on Classification
  • Scheduled or instant


  • Privileged Access Control
  • Masking
  • Terminate Queries
  • Quarantine

In Motion

  • Monitor Access
  • Report on Access
  • Real-time alerts

‘Only 16% of respondents said they knew where their organization's sensitive
structured data resides.’

- Ponemon Institute

Discover your Data

Uncover compliance risks, run vulnerability assessments and probe network for all
databases including these that are unmonitored or forgotten

Pre-defined Filters

The ability to discover and classify data using an extensive list of pre-defined filters including PCI, PII, PHI, HIPAA, SOX, Basel II and GDPR.

Custom Filters

Apply custom filters to easily discover data based on search terms or patterns, such as employee numbers, case number, client numbers, etc.

Vulnerability Assessment

Detect vulnerabilities and have remedial actions suggested based on best practice standards.

Non invasive / Disruptive

Discovery of databases via an agentless network scan.

Vulnerability Assessment

Identifies exposures such as missing patches, weak passwords, unauthorized changes, misconfigured privileges and other vulnerabilities

Provides full reports, as well as suggestions, to address all vulnerabilities

Classify your Data

Classify discovered data and access reports in real time or on a scheduled basis.

Classify data at point of creation

Automatically classify newly created or modified documents.

Classify discovered data

Apply classification to existing data discovered by SmarterDLP Discover.

Granular configuration of rules to meet business needs

Secure your Data

Immediately protect your data using the most appropriate security method.
Configure rules to apply the relevant security based on the data classification.


Allow individuals to continue performing daily tasks, including queries, while protecting your sensitive data.

Terminate Queries

Instantly terminate a database connection and prevent additional requests on that session.


Block unwanted access and quarantine users in real time, until the information security group can validate their intentions.

“Data breaches due to insider theft highlight the importance of careful consideration around access privileges. Sometimes, the easiest way to mitigate an insider threat is to simply audit who has access to critical and sensitive data.’

In Motion

Provide full visibility into who is accessing what and when.

Monitor and audit all data activity

Complete audit trail of all database access and activity for enterprise compliance, reporting and forensics.

Real-time alerts

Real-time alerts based on activity deemed to be abnormal or suspicious.

"Neocol provides a powerful one-stop solution to protect structured data in its entirety"

- Ryan Lott, CEO, Neocol

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