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22nd February 2023
Neocol Delivers On Time, On Budget Ahead of UserTesting’s IPO

UserTesting is a video-based platform that helps companies get feedback from their customers at every point of their journeys, enabling […]

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16th February 2023
Hiring Director, Integrations

We are seeking a Associate Director, Integrations Job duties include - Perform Employee Performance Management including Quarterly review of resource […]

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16th February 2023
Hiring Project Manager

We are seeking a Salesforce Project Manager:  Job Duties: Establish a comprehensive understanding of client expectations and business processes and […]

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2nd February 2023
What is Salesforce Genie and What Can It Do for Your Business?

Salesforce describes Genie as a “real-time platform for customer magic.” On the surface, Salesforce Genie may look like another Customer […]

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31st January 2023
How to Streamline Billing and Collections with Salesforce

Billing and collections are accounting fundamentals that companies need to master from day one. Unlike other activities, which can be […]

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31st January 2023
How to Plan for a Successful Zuora Migration

Business practices have changed over the years, leaving many companies to find Zuora is lagging in a fast-changing and increasingly […]

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15th January 2023
Riskalyze Migrates to Salesforce Billing & CPQ in Just Days

Riskalyze Moves to Salesforce Billing & CPQ and Sets Team Up for Success with Neocol Riskalyze is a fintech company […]

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13th January 2023
How to Transform Subscription Management with Salesforce CPQ

What is Salesforce CPQ? Salesforce CPQ stands for Configure, Price, Quote. It is a feature-rich tool that helps businesses automate […]

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12th January 2023
How Salesforce Revenue Cloud Helps Subscription Companies Battle Inflation

Increasing technology costs are top of mind for virtually every company right now. However, despite economic headwinds, CIOs are still […]

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5th January 2023
3 Ways SaaS Companies Can Reduce Churn with Salesforce

This post will explore how to reduce churn in SaaS businesses and use Salesforce to retain the right customers.  What […]

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28th December 2022
What is Product-Led Growth (PLG)? Plus, How to Achieve it with Salesforce.

Remember the heyday of Zoom? After the world shut down in 2020, video calls were the most convenient way to […]

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15th December 2022
Neocol CEO Invited to Join Salesforce Revenue Cloud Partner Advisory Board

Ryan Lott, CEO & Founder of Neocol, was invited to join the Salesforce Revenue Cloud Partner Advisory Board.  Recognized for […]

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7th December 2022
Salesforce in 2023: 3 Key Insights for Customers

With the looming fears of a recession, companies across industries are slashing costs and advising consumers to conserve their cash. […]

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2nd December 2022
Subscription Management: Ultimate Guide to Growth

Subscription management is an organization’s ability to create a compelling product offering — something that is valuable and differentiated in […]

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4th October 2022
Spotlight: Meet Travis Mullins

Employee Spotlight: Meet Travis Mullins "Who says you can’t have fun at work?  I love what I do.  I love […]

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1st September 2022
Spotlight: Meet Brooke Grijalva

Employee Spotlight: Meet Brooke Grijalva "Who says you can’t have fun at work?  I love what I do.  I love […]

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29th July 2022
Managed Services Brochure
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29th July 2022
Prevent Churn & Drive Retention with Service Cloud

Customer Service has entered a new era of digital engagement. The traditional engagement channels of telephone and email are shifting […]

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27th July 2022
Spotlight: Meet Ben Logan

"I love what I do because I enjoy helping organizations find solutions to their challenges." Meet Ben Logan. Ben has […]

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29th June 2022
Sales Cloud Unlimited: Everything Subscription Companies Should Know

Salesforce has officially unveiled Sales Cloud Unlimited - Here's what subscription companies should know about this high-powered edition of Salesforce's […]

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29th June 2022
Spotlight: Meet Megha Jaju

"CPQ added a splash of color to the vanilla version of my pre-CPQ Salesforce world." Meet Megha Jaju, a Salesforce […]

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16th April 2022
Neocol achieves the climb to Salesforce Summit Partner

Neocol has quickly climbed through the partnership and navigator ranks due to its expertise in maximizing scalability and growth with […]

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11th April 2022
Spotlight: Oscar Guggiana Neto

“I love Salesforce CPQ because it challenges me every single day. I have found a new passion!”  Oscar Guggiana Neto: […]

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3rd April 2022
Spotlight: Drew Adams

What is a day in the life of a Solution Architect superstar? Get to know more about Drew Adams, who […]

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28th March 2022
Spotlight: Brooke O'Donnell Grijalva

We carry through Women's History Month by recognizing some of our fantastic team. Brooke O'Donnell Grijalva: An Invitation to a […]

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21st March 2022
Spotlight: Kayleigh Blair

We continue to highlight some of our fantastic team recognizing Women’s History Month.  Kayleigh Blair: Modern Ohana   Kayleigh Blair, a […]

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21st March 2022
Spotlight: Shelby Carlson

Get to know a former scout in honor of the Girl Scouts' birthday, March 12. Shelby Carlson: Solution-Driven Volunteering and […]

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4th March 2022
Spotlight: Jennifer Logemann, PMP

We salute Women's History Month by spotlighting some of our tremendous team. Jennifer Logemann: A little Old Dominion with Cheese […]

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24th August 2021
Is Salesforce Revenue Cloud the Solution Your Business Needs?

In today's complex digital marketplace, having a streamlined solution that combines automation and data management like Salesforce Revenue Cloud is […]

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11th August 2021
ASC 606 - The Top Consequences of Noncompliance

When you talk about Revenue Recognition with your colleagues, you often talk about what you need to do to be […]

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3rd June 2021
Reduce Turnover on Your Revenue and Finance Teams

If you manage a finance team (and even more specifically, a revenue team), one of your biggest challenges may be […]

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5th May 2021
Full Automation vs Enterprise Resource Planning

Automating your front-office and back-office processes may be top of mind if you’re doing one of the following: Planning to […]

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22nd April 2021
Leveraging Storytelling to Influence Business Transformation

Tools don’t tell the story; people do! They do so by creating an experience for their audience. Improvements in technology […]

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16th April 2021
Getting Training Right for Go-Live

Go-live is an exciting and intimidating time in every Salesforce project. How do organizations ensure go-live does the following? Achieves […]

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1st April 2021
Why You Should Consider Business Process Re-Engineering

Business Process Re-Engineering (BPR) focuses on the analysis and redesign of business processes and workflows within an organization. BPR most […]

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17th March 2021
Employee Spotlight: Operations Manager | Laura McNeill

This week on the blog, you will meet our Operations Manager, Laura McNeill! Professional Highlights How did you end up […]

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11th February 2021
Employee Spotlight: Thane Tagg Jr., Director of Solution Engineering

The next Neocol employee we are eager to highlight on our blog is one of our newer hires, Thane! How […]

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9th February 2021
3 Things to Know About Subscription Sales in 2021

Even amidst a global pandemic that shook the world in 2020 (and continues to), companies that utilize subscription-based selling are […]

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4th February 2021
Neocol Designated Salesforce Gold Consulting Partner

Neocol is thrilled to announce that Salesforce.com has awarded their Gold Partner distinction to Neocol. Neocol was founded in 2003 […]

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2nd February 2021
New Year, New Opportunities: Get Back to The Business of Running Your Business

Some of you may be coming off a great sales-kick-off and are one month into your 2021 business journey. You may have just closed out your fiscal year in January […]

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27th January 2021
Employee Spotlight: Margaret Edison, Lead Q2C Solution Architect

The next Neocol employee we are excited to highlight on our blog is one of our newer hires, Margaret! How […]

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20th January 2021
How the Subscription Economy Has Evolved & 3 Ways to Shift Your Business

Despite a slight economic downturn in 2020, the subscription economy is continuing to grow and subscription-based companies are continuing to […]

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13th January 2021
Employee Spotlight: Matt Mayhugh, Former United States Marine Corps

In 2014, Salesforce introduced Salesforce Military and more recently, Trailhead Military. The Trailhead Military program connects its members to free […]

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6th January 2021
Subscription Economy: Is Traditional Selling Old News?

What is Subscription Economy? To understand the term subscription economy, you need to know what subscription-based selling is. This type […]

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23rd December 2020
Neocol's Best of 2020

2020 was a year filled with significant changes that stunned the world. While many businesses worldwide were severely impacted by […]

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16th December 2020
Change Management vs. Project Management

Many people are familiar with the concept of project management. There are professionals out there that are experts in managing […]

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9th December 2020
Internal Training Is Not a One-Time Event

Do you remember when you learned how to ride a bike? It surely took more than one attempt, and may […]

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2nd December 2020
How to Convince Skeptical Employees to Adopt New Solutions

Quite often technology projects, such as a Salesforce implementation, tend to mix-up their focus. Organizations should first consider the day-to-day impact on end […]

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25th November 2020
What is Change Management?

Change usually isn’t an easy thing for most people and organizations but it is an inevitable part of business. Fortunately, […]

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18th November 2020
Integrating Salesforce CPQ Starts with Your Business Processes

If you’re considering implementing a new CPQ tool at your organization, the first step may be to reevaluate your business […]

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17th November 2020
Salesforce Launches Revenue Cloud with Neocol Offering

Salesforce launches Revenue Cloud, an offering that will help organizations take control of revenue growth across every channel. Formerly known as […]

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11th November 2020
Meet the Team – Our CPQ Experts That Make Your Lives Easier

Here at Neocol, we pride ourselves on understanding our clients CPQ wants and needs and finding a way to implement […]

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4th November 2020
3 Reasons Why Salesforce CPQ Makes Your Sales Process Easier

Whether your organization currently utilizes a CPQ, is thinking about implementing a CPQ or doesn’t exactly know what a CPQ […]

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28th October 2020
The Most Common Misconception About Why Salesforce CPQ Won’t Work for Your Business

If you’ve read our most recent blog post, you know what a CPQ is and the advantages Salesforce CPQ in […]

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21st October 2020
What is CPQ Software and Why is it Important?

Before we begin a new series of blog posts about Salesforce CPQ, we first need to answer the question: what […]

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14th October 2020
How You Can Request a Zuora to Salesforce CPQ & Billing Analysis

If you’ve tuned in to our recent blog posts about migrating from Zuora to Salesforce CPQ & Billing, you’re aware […]

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7th October 2020
The Potential Harm That Could Be Caused if your Zuora Migration Is Done Incorrectly

You’ve been a Zuora customer for a long time, but you’re ready for a new subscription management tool that doesn’t […]

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30th September 2020
4 Steps to Convert from Zuora to Salesforce CPQ & Billing

As you’ve read in our recent blog posts, there are many advantages of converting from Zuora to Salesforce CPQ & […]

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23rd September 2020
Zuora Challenges and How to Solve Them with Salesforce CPQ & Billing

Years ago, businesses expressed a need for a tool that helped them manage customer subscription billing. Since it was founded […]

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16th September 2020
3 Reasons Why Businesses Are Shifting from Zuora to Salesforce CPQ & Billing

If you have used Zuora before, you know it as the company that builds and provides software for subscription-based service […]

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29th May 2020
SNYK Scales with Guidance from Neocol alongside Salesforce CPQ & Billing + Workato

Neocol, Salesforce CPQ & Billing, and Workato team up to help SNYK scale and grow.     The Quote-to-Cash process […]

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21st May 2020
NeoCollect - Payment Reconciliation in Salesforce CPQ & Billing

Streamline Payment & Invoice Reconciliation in Salesforce CPQ & Billing with NeoCollect     Weeks ago, we shared the importance […]

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13th May 2020
Fireside Chat - Your Quote to Cash Process is Broken

For many companies, their quote to cash technology stack is disjointed. This leaves room for error, risk, and inefficiencies across […]

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5th May 2020
Subscription-Based Business Surges Amidst Economic Downturn

The transition to a subscription-based business model has been desirable well before coronavirus and the economic downturn. Consumers, whether under […]

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29th April 2020
Accounts Receivable Reconciliation in Salesforce Billing

Accounts receivable reconciliation is the procedure of tracking issued invoices and matching them with incoming payments. This process is a […]

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9th April 2020
Top Billing Reports That Drive Subscription Businesses

Improve decision making, data accuracy, and business efficiency of your subscription company with Salesforce CPQ & Billing reports.   As […]

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3rd April 2020

Neocol, expert in advising the world’s most innovative B2B organizations on how to optimize their subscription management and billing processes, has added […]

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2nd April 2020
Top 4 Questions to Ask Before Migrating from Recurly to Salesforce CPQ & Billing

Migrating from Recurly to Salesforce CPQ & Billing is becoming increasingly more common as subscription economy scales. Gartner predicts that […]

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31st March 2020
CPQ Managed Services - Reduce Operating Cost & Increase Efficiency

Neocol's Salesforce CPQ Managed Services significantly reduce operating cost, increase efficiency, and protect your innovation in the midst of economic […]

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26th March 2020
SBS - From Perpetual to Subscription with Salesforce CPQ

Leveraging Salesforce CPQ to move from a perpetual to a subscription based business model yields scalability gains for growing organizations. […]

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19th March 2020
Neocol Launches NeoFYI - The Salesforce CPQ & Billing to ERP Connector

At Neocol, we help subscription businesses scale and grow. But, bringing "Quote-to-Cash" from theory to practice can be a difficult […]

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17th March 2020
Sprout Social - Unifying the Sales, IT, and Finance Functions

Sprout Social (NASDAQ : SPT) is a social media software company headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, USA. Just before the Sprout […]

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10th March 2020

    Salesforce's Billing product helps organizations create and automate invoices, payments, and revenue to truly unite the Sales and […]

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9th June 2019


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5th April 2019


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10th October 2018

DREAMFORCE 2018: OUR TAKE ON THE ANNOUNCEMENTS AND THE UPCOMING YEAR David Holstein, SVP of Revenue and Ken Bowman, Director […]

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14th September 2018

FOCUS ON USER EXPERIENCE AND CHANGE MANAGEMENT TO IMPROVE ROI When evaluating new technology, most companies evaluate cost of ownership. […]

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11th September 2018

Emerging Salesforce Silver Consulting Partner, CPQ & Integration Cloud experts, and leading legacy systems integrator Neocol has acquired Force360, a […]

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11th September 2018

DAVID HOLSTEIN JOINS NEOCOL AS SVP OF REVENUE David Holstein, SVP of Revenue Chicago, IL and Portsmouth, UK – July 11, 2018 […]

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1st September 2018

NEOCOL EARNS SALESFORCE SILVER CONSULTING PARTNER In early 2018, Neocol joined the Salesforce ecosystem to combine our passion for solving […]

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