Neocol & RightRev

Automated Revenue Recognition Embedded Within Your Salesforce Platform

Empowering businesses to quote and sell seamlessly while streamlining revenue recognition for compliance with the latest accounting requirements

Automated Revenue Recognition Delivered at Hyper Scale

Modernized Accounting Practices

Legacy revenue recognition processes and systems are labor-intensive, inefficient, and highly prone to error. Get out of spreadsheets and obsolete custom workarounds.

A Scalable Infrastructure That Yields Growth

Built using best of breed technology, the RightRev platform can scale to your volume and workload needs. Your business can grow without worrying about technology constraints for processing revenue in the back office or triggering higher platform expenses.

Revenue Sub-ledger Embedded within Salesforce

While Salesforce provides integrated CRM, CPQ, Subscriptions, Orders, Billings and Cash Collection, RightRev complements Salesforce with Automated Revenue Recognition for managing complex revenue accounting under ASC 606 and IFRS 15

Our Experience Makes The Difference

Neocol has an industry-leading, deeply experienced group of Accounting practitioners and a dedicated Revenue Automation Practice. Leverage our back office expertise to ensure compliance and scalability.
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