4 Steps to Convert from Zuora to Salesforce CPQ & Billing

30th September 2020

As you’ve read in our recent blog posts, there are many advantages of converting from Zuora to Salesforce CPQ & Billing. Now that you may be considering making the switch, you’re probably wondering what this course of action entails. While converting from Zuora to Salesforce is a detailed and lengthy process, the experts here at Neocol have unmatched experience to help clients make the smoothest transition possible from Zuora to Salesforce CPQ & Billing. Read on for a breakdown of steps in this process.

Understand the Product Catalog

The first step in the migration process is understanding the organization’s product offerings. When you boil down and simplify what the organization really sells and the ways they sell it, you can set the groundwork for the transition. Does the organization typically combine or bundle products or sell products solo? How do they sell their products and services - through salespeople or strictly online? Answering questions like these are important to tackle up front to set a strong foundation for data migration.

Handle In flight Quotes

The types of quotes that are currently in process of being reviewed by potential customers or existing customers are called in flight quotes. With guidance from Neocol, organizations need to extract and transform all in flight quotes before any additional steps take place. This process requires in flight quotes to be converted to official Salesforce quotes and the products on the quote lines will be remapped to the new Salesforce products.

Migrate Zuora Subscriptions to Salesforce Contracts and Subscriptions

Each active Zuora subscription represents the organization’s current customer install base. An install base consists of the products that each customer is currently subscribed to.  In Salesforce, Zuora subscriptions and rate plan charges are migrated and renamed as Contracts and Subscriptions. A Salesforce subscription is created for each recurring Zuora rate plan charge and this requires mapping each to the new product and price book.

Zuora records must be carefully filtered so that only the most recent versions of the active recurring products are migrated into Salesforce.  As we discussed in a recent blog post, products in Zuora are duplicated over and over again to become customized, so those products need to be filtered out and removed from the transition process.

Extracting, filtering, and mapping Zuora subscription data requires experience with both the Zuora data model and Salesforce CPQ & Billing. Neocol’s staff are experts in this niche.

Create Orders for Active Zuora Subscriptions with Unbilled Balances Remaining

What we refer to as the Salesforce order is the transactional record and the basis for creating invoices. Active subscriptions in Zuora may have unbilled charges that still need to be billed. During data migration, the goal is to create orders for any unbilled amounts from Zuora so that these will be invoiced with Salesforce Billing.

These charges are then created in Salesforce as orders, and the amounts of each order product need to be updated to reflect the amount remaining to be billed. In Salesforce, quotes are converted to orders. When orders are invoiced, the unbilled and billed totals are updated on each order line.

You may have active subscriptions from Zuora that have orders that are yet to be billed. For example, a customer could have a three-year subscription while you are undergoing the data migration. They could potentially have one year billed from Zuora, and the remaining two years to be billed from Salesforce. These instances need to be treated carefully during the data migration.

While data migration from Zuora to Salesforce CPQ & Billing is a large undertaking, the professionals at Neocol are the best for the job. Want to know more about this process? Reach out to the experts at Neocol today!

Contributor: Sean Ralph, Principal Billing Architect, Neocol

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