Employee Spotlight: Thane Tagg Jr., Director of Solution Engineering

11th February 2021

The next Neocol employee we are eager to highlight on our blog is one of our newer hires, Thane!

How did you end up at Neocol?

I joined the team at Neocol two months ago. The strategic vision of the company to help accelerate customers using the Salesforce Revenue Cloud platform was something I was instantly drawn to and I was excited about the potential to work there.

What is your educational background?

I have a degree from Temple in Management Information Systems from the Fox School of Business.

What is your role at Neocol?

I am the Director of Solution Engineering, which means I help demonstrate the value of Salesforce’s capabilities to customers. I show them how Salesforce can transform their lead-to-cash business processes and shape & scope Revenue Cloud projects to set them up for success. I also put together and present demos for customer use cases to help articulate a strategic vision for lead-to-cash digital transformations.

What is your previous work experience?

I previously worked in consulting as a solution/technical architect for enterprise B2B SaaS companies. I also worked in Systems RevOps for a publicly traded leading BI software provider.

What does a typical work day look like for you in your role?

A typical day could look like any combination of the following things. I routinely meet with Salesforce customers to help shape project implementations and define their roadmap to success. Additionally, I work on generating statements of work for our customers’ projects. I also work closely with Neocol’s delivery team on project visions, goals, objectives, and technical details to help ensure a successful delivery to customers.

What is your favorite thing about working at Neocol?

My favorite thing about Neocol is the people, both our internal employees and our customers! I work with some of the brightest people in the Salesforce ecosystem, at the most customer centric Salesforce Revenue Cloud consulting company. It’s very rewarding to work alongside people who love helping our customers and ensuring our customers success using the Salesforce platform.

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