9th June 2019


CHICAGO, IL – July 8, 2019 – Neocol today announced its partnership with MuleSoft to provide consulting services for MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform™. Anypoint Platform unlocks the power of API-led connectivity, enabling organizations to connect apps, data and devices more rapidly and efficiently.


MuleSoft provides the leading platform for building application networks. Neocol’s implementation expertise and industry knowledge, coupled with MuleSoft’s technology, gives clients the support and tools they need to harness the rapidly growing number of apps and data sources. With Anypoint Platform, organizations can unlock new revenue channels, improve customer experiences and drive innovation.


Neocol is a momentum-gaining MuleSoft and Salesforce Consulting Partner specializing in CPQ, Billing, Integrations, and multi-cloud solutions. From simple, tactical projects to enabling complex digital transformation across the enterprise, Neocol leverages 15 years of experience to elevate individuals and organizations.


“Our mission is to elevate individuals and organizations through the work that we do. MuleSoft will enable us to do that across the entire enterprise,” said Ryan Lott, CEO Neocol. “The true value in Salesforce as a platform is to enable transformation by giving organizations one system to do it all. The key piece in that transformation is the ability to seamlessly connect to legacy systems and data.”


“With the explosion of disparate technologies today, connecting them all quickly and efficiently is the key to gaining a competitive edge. Through its partnership with MuleSoft, Neocol is enabling its customers to create a dynamic application network to achieve their goals and accelerate their pace of business,” said Brent Hayward, senior vice president of global channels and alliances, MuleSoft. “We’re pleased to welcome Neocol into MuleSoft’s partner ecosystem and look forward to working together to deliver significant business impact to our mutual customers.”


As a MuleSoft Partner, Neocol helps clients address on-premises, cloud and hybrid integration use cases with scale and ease of use.


About Anypoint Platform

MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform™ is a leading application network platform. It allows organizations to create composite applications that connect apps, data, and devices through API-led connectivity to form a flexible application network. Anypoint Platform is a unified, single solution for iPaaS and full lifecycle API management, both on-premises and in the cloud.


About Neocol

Neocol is a Silver Salesforce Consulting Partner specializing in CPQ, Billing, Integration, and multi-cloud solutions. It is our passion to elevate individuals and organizations through the work that we do. That passion starts at the top and radiates through each of our team members. Neocol is a rapidly growing business process advisory, technology consulting, and software integration firm with a passion for creating exciting user experiences that our client’s customers, partners, and employees enjoy. From simple, tactical projects to enabling complex digital transformation across the enterprise, Neocol leverages 15 years of experience to help each of our clients understand, simplify, and solve their challenges.

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