10th March 2020



Salesforce's Billing product helps organizations create and automate invoices, payments, and revenue to truly unite the Sales and Finance functions. However, anytime financial information is flowing back and forth from the CRM and ERP, organizations expose themselves to significant risk without the right advisory and consulting partner's guidance.


As such, it is no wonder why the Salesforce Billing product team puts strict guidelines on which partners can do the work. To Salesforce, customer success is of the utmost importance. Which makes complete sense as to its thorough certification process for its partners.


At Neocol, we are focused on helping subscription companies scale and grow. A critical part of that process is how those companies create and automate their invoices, payments, and revenue. For months, we partnered with the Salesforce CPQ and Billing product teams on methodologies to perfect our approach. We became so invested, in fact, that we purchased Salesforce CPQ & Billing and implemented it at our own organization to truly put ourselves in the customer's shoes.


As one of the few partners in the ecosystem who are truly Salesforce Billing certified, we've helped clients transform the way they operate, identified common pitfalls in the billing process, helped our clients gain a 360 degree view of their customers, and have even created a proprietary tool to connect Salesforce Billing to ERP (Xero, Workday, NetSuite, Sage, SAP, Quickbooks) bringing "Quote-to-Cash" from theory to practice.


From viewing critical customer invoicing information on the sales side of the house to reporting on deferred revenue and maintaining a strong ASC606 compliance record, Neocol specializes in uniting the front and back end of the business.


Our vision has never been more clear, our alignment with Salesforce continues to grow, and our dedication to helping subscription organizations scale and grow is only getting stronger.


About Neocol

Neocol is a Silver Salesforce Consulting Partner that helps subscription companies scale and grow.

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