How to Convince Skeptical Employees to Adopt New Solutions

2nd December 2020

Quite often technology projects, such as a Salesforce implementation, tend to mix-up their focus. Organizations should first consider the day-to-day impact on end users from new technology implementation before prioritizing technical requirements. Convincing your employees, especially the most skeptical folks to adopt and adapt to new technology can be a challenge. But when remediated with a structured Change Management plan, these projects are much easier.

Focus on Employees

Changes to technology and processes need to be focused on the people using the technology, not just the technology itself. The way we access technology has evolved over the years - it’s more accessible than ever. Consumers love new technology, but employees are skeptical about change when it alters day to day work processes and tools.

Salesforce offers some of the most innovative SaaS technology and many organizations are eager to implement the latest and greatest Salesforce has to offer, such as Revenue Cloud. Before making a sizeable Salesforce investment, organizations must think about the impact to their most valuable asset internally, their employees. People are the driving force behind organizations, and they must be front and center of every technology decision.

A proven best practice for getting users onboard is to build a coalition of super-users or champions. Champions are influencers who are aware of the change, invested in the success of new technology and processes and can influence their peers through networking to embrace the change. Champions are critical to a successful deployment of Salesforce and other SaaS solutions Establishing a champions network is a great step towards involving end users, and soliciting two way feedback from your team.

Importance of User Experience

Unfortunately, many Salesforce projects start without consideration for user experience. Poor user experience is a recipe for zero adoption. New technology tools must be intuitive and approachable by organization’s toughest critics to be adopted.

Adoption of innovative technology such as Salesforce Revenue Cloud depends on a well designed, functional system, of course. Even if it is the best technology tool out there, if employees don’t know why or how to use it, it won’t be able to provide a strong impact on the organization. Every technology implementation must include a people-centered solution, structured communications, engaging training, governance and post go-live support.

How Neocol Can Help

Neocol’s dedicated Change Management practice works closely with our talented Solution Architects and Consultants throughout each phase of our client’s projects. Including a Change Management consultant on your project provides your team with the support needed to effectively communicate with your end users, to combat resistance to change and to navigate through a disruptive change starting with change readiness through go-live.

We know that organizations that embrace change management are more likely to achieve their project objectives, stay on schedule, and stay on or under budget. Convincing your most skeptical employees to adopt new technology happens successfully with a Change Management plan in place. Reach out today to learn more about how we can help!

Contributor: Stacey Chery, Director of Advisory and Change Management, Neocol

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