3 Reasons Why Salesforce CPQ Makes Your Sales Process Easier

4th November 2020

Whether your organization currently utilizes a CPQ, is thinking about implementing a CPQ or doesn’t exactly know what a CPQ is, those that do use CPQ are experiencing positive changes that simply make certain tasks easier. The benefits of CPQ are endless and while they differ among organizations, most Salesforce CPQ users can confidently say that CPQ provides automation, centralization and standardization.


Automation takes procedures that normally require a great deal of manual support, and transforms the manual work into processes that require minimal manual support. CPQ can take business rules and logic and embed them into a solution that automates processes. Without this automation, it normally requires dedicated individuals in the workplace to manage these processes.

One specific example of automation with CPQ is pricing. Salesforce CPQ automates calculations when it comes to pricing out products and services and eliminates the need for salesperson to do the math themselves!


Instead of individual salespeople keeping track of their own proposals, quotes and sales activities, with Salesforce CPQ all of these items are kept in one place. If you want total transparency among the entire sales department, you can do that. If you want sales teams to only be able to see the activities of others on their team, you can do that too!

Now managers and executives can have visibility not only on what has sold but what is in the works of being sold. This knowledge is powerful and can be used to motivate, challenge and inform salespeople of what’s working and what’s not.


With Salesforce CPQ, there is a certain degree of quality that both salespeople and customers can expect because of the standardization CPQ offers. Salespeople will reduce time spent configuring quotes that look different each time they put one together and instead, generate quotes that are consistent and more accurate. In turn, customers will enjoy a shorter amount of wait time to receive quotes which enhances the buying experience.

How Neocol Can Help

The CPQ team at Neocol would love to share more benefits of CPQ than just the three discussed in this article. Want to know more? Reach out today!

Contributor: Robert O'Donnell, Principal Solutions Architect, Neocol

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