Salesforce Launches Revenue Cloud with Neocol Offering

17th November 2020

Salesforce launches Revenue Cloud, an offering that will help organizations take control of revenue growth across every channel. Formerly known as Salesforce CPQ & Billing, Salesforce has re-packaged this former offering complete with new features, functionality, benefits, and a robust roadmap designed to support its customers for the long haul.

Helping organizations transform their customer's buying experience, launch new revenue streams, and optimize revenue efficiency, Salesforce Revenue Cloud is an offering fit to help organizations scale, adapt, and thrive.

Let's take a look at Revenue Cloud's benefits by module:

CPQ (formerly Salesforce CPQ):

  • Increase Win Rates
  • Reduced Excess Discounting
  • Reduce Quoting Errors
  • Increased Average Deal Sizes
  • Increased Upsell & Cross-sell

Billing (formerly Salesforce Billing):

  • Reduce Cost of Invoicing
  • Improved Debt Recovery Rate
  • Finance Department Productivity
  • Reduced Billing Errors

At Neocol, we have been working closely alongside the Salesforce Revenue Cloud product team to become one of three selected partners in the entire Salesforce ecosystem to formally offer an approved Salesforce Revenue Cloud QuickStart package. It is an extremely proud moment for our organization. Something that our employees, customers, and partners all have a hand in.

Many systems integrators in the Salesforce ecosystem often have Quick Start offerings that ultimately cause more stress than benefit. Reason being - very few have actually perfected how to deliver these with success.

This is where our partnership with the Salesforce Revenue Cloud product, marketing, sales, and partner enablement teams comes into play. A quick start offering has been a foundation of Neocol's business since our pivot into the ecosystem.

With a set scope, price, assumptions, and timeline to completion, our customers can expect benefits like:

  • Billing Associated Cost Savings
  • Increased Sales Productivity
  • Reduced Cash Acquisition Delays
  • Reduced IT Servicing Costs
  • And more…

Take a look at Neocol's Salesforce Revenue Cloud Quick Start offering to see more information regarding this package. This offering is ripe for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

There are several things key to making this offering a success:

  1. Ensuring readiness for transformation
  2. Connecting with your Salesforce Account team to hear more about the offering
  3. Working with your preferred and approved partner, Neocol, to get the job done the right way

Get in touch to learn more!

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