Fast, effective, reliable Data Collection

Electronic discovery (or eDiscovery) is a computerised method of searching for, identifying, collecting and producing ESI (Electronically Stored Information) – something which is vital in today’s fast-paced, data-centric world of business, where the vast majority of communication and data is now shared, sent and stored electronically. A common use of eDiscovery is for legal disputes or company investigations, where it supports legal teams and businesses with requests for documents to be produced.

Did you know?

What does SmarterDLP for eDiscovery offer?


Identify and analyse content in place from more than 75+ data sources and 450+ file types, including file shares, user desktops, email systems, archives, content management systems, collaboration systems and Microsoft SharePoint.


Utilise advanced search capabilities based on keywords, custodians, patterns, last accessed/creation dates, etc.


Efficiently export collected content and original metadata to major review tools.

Matter Management

Confidently manage the full matter lifecycle.


Intelligently cull the data to only present or export what’s relevant, saving you costs and reducing risk.


Log all your activities throughout the process for compliance purposes.

Collection of Data

From identification through to collection, preservation and production of vendor agnostic, review-ready load files, SmarterDLP for eDiscovery enables deep analysis of your data:

  • Receive and manage preservation and collection requests directly from legal in the same solution.
  • Find relevant content by metadata or full text searches, or classify data with machine learning.
  • Access desktop and laptop data across large installations, with support for agent or agentless collection, and full start and stop capabilities in a purpose-built, desktop collection interface.
  • Identify over 450 content types, including nested content in containers such as ZIP, PST and NSF.
  • Analyse content in-place before collection to cull large data sets into manageable collections.
  • Manage exceptions in an easy to use exception centre that supports the ability to retry and re-route exception content.
  • Provide collection status or ask for clarification from legal, all in the same interface.
  • Export collected content and original metadata to primary review.

Streamline Management

Your teams will soon begin to realise the benefits through the legal hold notification process. The solution works to:

  • reduce the preservation risk from lack of process integrity
  • minimise manual mistakes
  • eliminate common legal hold notification oversights.

Team members can quickly identify custodians and draft legal hold notices by drawing on templates. They can send those notices, conduct custodian interviews, solicit approvals and track custodian responses.

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