Spotlight: Oscar Guggiana Neto

11th April 2022

Oscar Guggiana Neto“I love Salesforce CPQ because it challenges me every single day. I have found a new passion!” 

Oscar Guggiana Neto: A journey geographically, professionally and personally

Oscar Guggiana Neto, a Solution Architect, searched for opportunities to relocate from Brazil to Great Britain, where countries embrace technology and support professional and personal growth.“I have always wanted the challenge to work abroad, learn a new culture, and make new friends.” 

When he met Neocol’s CEO, Ryan Lott, and learned about the Salesforce Partnership, he knew he wanted to be part of the journey. This opportunity complemented his background in business intelligence by providing real insight and skills to enhance the customer reporting experience. “I was interested in utilizing Salesforce to learn something new, revamp my career, participate in more exciting and dynamic projects, and use the tool in my daily work.”

He moved to England five years ago and has been in Scotland for the last three years. ”There is so much history in England and Scotland. I spend the weekend driving around the country, learning about the past, taking in the culture, and making new friends.”

He developed a plan around training and utilized Trailhead to quickly get up to speed on the ins and outs of Salesforce before diving into CPQ. “I love Salesforce CPQ because it challenges me every single day. I have found a new passion!”

“Oscar is deeply dedicated to the right solution. He fully consumes the requirement, analyzes the environment, and can develop the most optimal solution for the customer considering all of those factors,” said Margaret Persico, Director, QTC Architecture. “In addition, he's able to explain and communicate that solution so that it's accessible to anyone, regardless of technical experience.”

Oscar focuses on how client challenges can be solved using Salesforce Revenue Cloud as a solution architect. He leads the internal team and client, communicating and validating the solutions, preparing workshop materials, demonstrations, train-the-trainer sessions, and serves as the lead on client calls. He takes great pride in solving challenges and creating happy clients utilizing Salesforce. “I like to share, learn, collaborate, and be part of something meaningful.” 

He describes Neocol as challenging, collaborative and fun but his favorite part is learning something new every day, which he feels makes him a better professional and person. He is proud to have been involved with Neocol’s first CPQ project, experiencing rising through the ranks to become a Summit Partner, and to be able to grow in tandem. “I am proud to have been on the ground floor. There is no comparison.” 


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