Accounts Receivable Reconciliation in Salesforce Billing

Accounts receivable reconciliation is the procedure of tracking issued invoices and matching them with incoming payments. This process is a critical part of cashflow management – which has never been more imperative.



Historically, the accounts receivable reconciliation process has been largely manual. When an organization is small, has common invoicing procedures across all customers, and predominantly takes only one form of payment, this procedure can be manual. Or, something that many companies can “stomach.”



As companies scale and grow, they take on different invoicing terms, multiple payment methods, and too much risk associated with human error and manual data entry.



For the AP / AR manager…. The accounts receivable reconciliation process can be so cumbersome that it drives disengagement and heightened potential for human error.



For the CFO… the lack of data accuracy impacts cash flow forecasting, the cost of getting data is high, and the inability to quickly reconcile the business impacts speed to closing an accounting period. Even more urgent and detrimental is the impact with which this historically manual process has on the speed to act on delinquent debts and decision making.



At Neocol, we help subscription businesses scale & grow. The accounts receivable reconciliation process is a common business process that our customers recognize they need to change but are unsure of where to start.



We are helping subscription companies eliminate inefficiencies, reduce risk, and expedite the reconciliation process with smart invoice matching in Salesforce Billing.



Cash flow and scalability have never been more important. We help our customers unlock efficient reconciliation, cash flow forecast with accuracy and speed, and save cost on administrative overhead.



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