CPQ Managed Services - Reduce Operating Cost & Increase Efficiency

31st March 2020

Neocol's Salesforce CPQ Managed Services significantly reduce operating cost, increase efficiency, and protect your innovation in the midst of economic downturn.


For years, there have been studies across thousands of executives wondering what they would do to remain adaptable and responsive should the market see a downtown. How would they protect their innovations and scalability in the midst of uncertainty. Many of those executives highlight a reduction in operating costs and increasing operational efficiency as their two biggest levers to pull.


Neocol's CPQ Managed Services (or "Ongoing Success" in our world) was created and operates with one mission: to ensure the long term success of our customer's CPQ solution. Each of our customer's take advantage of the following benefits:


1. Neocol's CPQ Managed Services is cost-effective

Our customers leverage expert advice from Architects, advisory services, and ongoing enhancements for less than a cost of a full-time Salesforce Admin - with a fixed cost each month


2. Neocol's CPQ Managed Services leads to more sales

Iterations and enhancements of our customers Salesforce CPQ instance are made daily so that our customers can streamline and automate their Quote-to-Cash process in real time


3. Neocol's CPQ Managed Services increases operational efficiency

Rather than dedicate an internal resource (or two) to learn how to become a Salesforce CPQ administrator, our customers rely on our expert services to get their requests and jobs done in a fraction of the time. That way, those internal resources can spend time doing what they are great at while being most efficient


To learn why over 75% of our customers sign up for this offering, please Contact Us


About Neocol

Neocol helps subscription businesses scale and grow. As a leading Salesforce CPQ & Billing consulting partner, Neocol guides customers on a transformative Quote-to-Cash journey through advisory, implementation, and ongoing success services.

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