Employee Spotlight: Margaret Edison, Lead Q2C Solution Architect

27th January 2021

The next Neocol employee we are excited to highlight on our blog is one of our newer hires, Margaret!

How did you end up at Neocol?

When I was fresh out of college in 2016, I started at a small consulting firm. I watched that company grow and develop into an industry powerhouse. It was an amazing transformation to witness, and I decided that career experience was what I wanted moving forward. I bounced around between a couple of different firms, gaining experience in Salesforce CPQ and Billing, before landing at Neocol.

Tell us about your previous work experience:

I have worked on a wide array of projects during my career. I take personal pride in being on multiple "expert services" engagements where I supported both completed or ongoing projects in an advisory capacity. I have also been the lead architect on a wide range of projects in high tech and manufacturing industries, and on both small-scale and large-scale projects. I have a broad spectrum of quote to cash projects under my belt - from generating and managing leads all the way to collecting payments.

Tell us more about your role as a Lead Q2C Solution Architect at Neocol:

I'm here to help guide and lead a team of highly trained Solution Architects to success.  My goal is to develop a repeatable delivery methodology to help improve scalability throughout the business and streamline the delivery of projects.

Another goal of mine is to help develop a team of highly trained Solution Architects to lead world-class projects.  I want to help our existing team grow and develop into Salesforce CPQ/Billing leaders that set a standard in the industry. I'm also here to help provide solution design reviews and support, and to help assist in any client escalations as they arise.

What does a typical day as a Lead Q2C Solution Architect look like?

A day in the life of a Solution Architect may possibly have the most variation of any role! Over the course of a day, I can be found working with clients – from walking them through their system to gain better understanding of its capabilities to guiding them on best practices with design.

Other daiy activities include helping my team build out and prototype complex requirements, creating project documentation, reviewing the design of other projects being done internally, helping to develop and refine our project delivery methodology, and supporting my team as they grow and develop their careers.  I would say that my favorite part of my role is helping to develop reusable resources that increase my team's efficiency and capabilities.

Could you share some of the reasons you enjoy working at Neocol and why you chose Neocol after bouncing around in the industry for a while?

Neocol is a tight-knit team of powerful professionals, and it's an honor to be here. The company is extremely purpose-driven and embraces change. By adapting to our ecosystem, we can continue to provide the best service possible to our clients. I chose Neocol because not only do they have an incredible team of talented people, they also have the drive and organization to really take things inour industry to the next level.

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