Fireside Chat - Your Quote to Cash Process is Broken

13th May 2020

For many companies, their quote to cash technology stack is disjointed. This leaves room for error, risk, and inefficiencies across their most critical business process: How they sell and collect.


Compounding this technology problem is the fact that this process touches, at minimum, three different departments of people; Finance, Sales, and IT. Each of these functions has their own goals. With each function doing their best to solve for common quote to cash challenges, it is likely that additional challenges are created without the business knowing.


Join Workato, SNYK, and Neocol to hear about how they are collectively solving common quote to cash challenges to:

  • Unify the Sales, Finance, and IT departments to scale the business
  • Understand common quote to cash challenges from a rapidly growing, global organization
  • How to unlock Zero-Touch subscription management through technology
  • Empower sales to sell, finance to forecast, and IT to enable the business


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About SNYK

Snyk’s mission is to help developers use open source code and stay secure. The use of open source is booming, but security is a key concern ( Snyk’s unique developer focused product enables developers and enterprise security to continuously find & fix vulnerable dependencies without slowing down, with seamless integration into Dev & DevOps workflows.



About Workato

Workato is the operating system for today’s fast-moving business. Recognized as a leader by both Gartner and Forrester, it is the only AI-based middleware platform that enables both business and IT to integrate their apps and automate complex business workflows with security and governance. Given the massive and growing fragmentation of data, apps, and business processes in enterprises today, our mission is to help companies integrate and automate at least 10 times faster than traditional tools and at a tenth of the cost of ownership.



About Neocol

Neocol helps subscriptions companies scale and grow.

Advising the world’s most innovative B2B organizations on how to optimize their subscription management and billing processes to gain competitive advantage, promote cross-functional transparency, and provide a superior customer experience.

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