How to Plan for a Successful Zuora Migration

14th April 2020

The world's most innovative subscription companies turn to Neocol for expert advice on their Zuora migration.


Achieving zero-touch subscription management is a battle that is waged across Sales, Finance, and Operations functions. As the subscription economy continues to grow, companies are searching for a single-source of truth more than ever before.


Consolidation of Quote-to-Cash technology is critical to cross-functional unity and unlocking growth. In the subscription economy, It is common to see organizations leveraging the world's #1 CRM, Salesforce, while using Zuora to manage subscriptions. While both of these systems have overlap in functionality, companies that undergo a Zuora migration to Salesforce CPQ & Billing see a host of benefits:


  • Flexible interfaces that are Sales, Finance, and Operations friendly
  • A simplified billing process under one roof: Salesforce CPQ & Billing
  • An intuitive contract amendment process that is less duplicative in Salesforce CPQ & Billing
  • And more…


Zuora migration, however, requires expert-level "know how" and a partner who can relate to all functions involved. As this is something we commonly see at Neocol, we'd like to provide a few tips to ensure that your Zuora migration is effective.


1. Assess your Zuora Migration


Create an effective game plan with your partner - this type of migration requires planning. This planning, although heaviest up front, will significantly de-risk the project moving forward


2. Data Quality Check


While going through your migration assessment, check the quality of related data. Map the constructs of your Zuora Migration before it begins to minimize potential delay and overrun issues in the future


3. Get all departments involved


Sales, Finance, and IT departments will all have a horse in this race - a best practice would be to bring everyone to the table and discuss goals and agree to concessions. This will help promote the project internally and boost adoption


4. Validate & Test…. Often


Do not wait until the "end" of the data migration to find out that there are issues far upstream. To ensure the success of your Zuora Migration, test early and often to catch any "ah-ha" moments before they become severe


5. Training end-users and admins is going to be critical


You've invested in a new system and potentially a new way of operation. Take the time to ensure your investment captures maximum ROI by getting your team full trained without rushing through the experience.


We've got more tips to help de-risk your Zuora Migration - Contact Us to hear more.

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