Leveraging Storytelling to Influence Business Transformation

22nd April 2021

Tools don’t tell the story; people do! They do so by creating an experience for their audience. Improvements in technology have increased access to tools that display data, creative visuals and quickly tell a story with pictures - yet there remain gaps in capabilities in visuals alone. Additionally, stories resonate and stick with us in ways that data alone cannot.

You may think you don’t have one - but you have a story to tell about getting started with your business transformation! You can create and leverage the story of your data. Data sounds boring to most people, but realistically, data is the plot to a solid business transformation.

Data likely informed your c-level executives or board of directors that you needed to make changes to reach more customers or grow revenue. Data was likely the driving force behind beginning a transformative engagement; such as a Salesforce CPQ project.  While not everyone is skilled in data visualization and storytelling, everyone can use existing data to tell a story and influence their business transformation.

5 Tips to Better Communicate and Leverage Storytelling

  1. Understand your audience - keep it short for Executives and always be succinct.
  2. State the business need and what problem you’re going to solve with the transition.
  3. Choose an appropriate visual display and think like a designer - use tools like Canva for inspiration and templates.
  4. Don’t rely on your visuals - rehearse and obtain feedback from others.
  5. Create a solid value proposition and tell your story.

Be prepared to tell your story to anyone, anywhere. This is useful in the situation where your boss asks you what you’re working on or if you find yourself in an elevator with key stakeholders and you can wow them before reaching their destination.

Neocol has a full-service change management team to support every size project; our team is certified in Salesforce, training and instructional design to maximize speed to adoption. Reach out today!

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