Chicago, IL – August 5, 2019 – Neocol today announced it has joined Conga’s partner program to provide consulting services for Conga’s entire Digital Document Transformation Suite. Conga unlocks the power of simplified documents, contracts, and eSignatures, enabling organizations to accelerate the way they conduct business.
Conga provides the leading platform for organizations to simplify and maximize critical everyday documents. Neocol’s implementation expertise and industry knowledge, coupled with Conga’s technology, gives clients the confidence to accelerate growth.

Neocol is a momentum-gaining Conga and Silver Salesforce Consulting Partner specializing in CPQ, Billing, Integrations, and multi-cloud solutions. From simple, tactical projects to enabling complex digital transformation across the enterprise, Neocol leverages 15 years of experience to elevate individuals and organizations.
“Our mission is to elevate individuals and organizations through the work that we do. Conga will enable us to elevate the way in which our customers manage critical documentation processes,” said Ryan Lott, CEO Neocol. “Conga’s Digital Document Transformation Suite of products aligns strongly with our core service offerings – the partnership between our two organizations will be seamless and beneficial for our customers.”

About Neocol

Neocol is a Silver Salesforce Consulting Partner specializing in CPQ, Billing, Integration, and multi-cloud solutions. It is our passion to elevate individuals and organizations through the work that we do. That passion starts at the top and radiates through each of our team members. Neocol is a rapidly growing business process advisory, technology consulting, and software integration firm with a passion for creating exciting user experiences that our client’s customers, partners, and employees enjoy. From simple, tactical projects to enabling complex digital transformation across the enterprise, Neocol leverages 15 years of experience to help each of our clients understand, simplify, and solve their challenges.

Proactively Prevent Churn

Prevent customers from canceling or decreasing their subscriptions and related services.

Fuel Product-Led Growth

Position products as the main drivers of customer acquisition, activation, satisfaction, retention, and scalable expansion.

Quote w/ Speed, Accuracy,
& Control

Scale your business with essential controls, accuracy, and flexibility that drive top-line revenue.

Ignite Partner Relationship

Unleash your partner network to
enable growth and provide world-
class service to your customers.

Best-In-Class CX Customer

Deliver personalized experiences to customers through innovative marketing, sales, service, and engagement strategies.

Unlock Efficient Self-Service 

Drive efficiency, reduce costs, and make it easier for your customers to do business with you at any point of their journey.

Automate Revenue

Eliminate manual worksheet-driven processes by creating a fully automated, common source of truth.

Harvest Game-Changing
Intelligence & Data

Leverage data and AI across your business to optimize your operating model, supercharge performance, and make informed decisions.

Streamline Billing
& Collections

Automate invoice generation and contract updates to drive efficiencies.

Delight customers and ignite your partner network with multi-cloud solutions for subscription businesses
Improve the subscription customer experience, speed up sales cycles, and automate billing and revenue recognition

Drive profitable top-line growth selling through your partners

Unleash seamless integration and unparalleled efficiency, revolutionizing your business connectivity and accelerating growth
Simplify revenue recognition and compliance on the Salesforce platform

Meet your customers where they want to be met

Simplify the complexity and strain around evolving revenue recognition mandates

Delight your customers by enabling a simple, easy-to-use payments page


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