Prevent Churn & Drive Retention with Service Cloud

Customer Service has entered a new era of digital engagement.

The traditional engagement channels of telephone and email are shifting to newer, more convenient contact points and customers are demanding more from their interactions.

As a result, this demand has created a drive to generate more customer-centric connections, and companies are looking to technology to help transform their engagement and operations, seeking out solutions and partners such as Salesforce Service Cloud and Neocol.

According to a Salesforce survey in 2020, 81% percent of decision-makers say they’re accelerating digital initiatives to connect where their customers prefer. (1) 

Two years later, we are seeing this shift in customer engagement as companies work to reassess their business models to include more customer-centric operations.

According to the 5th Edition of Salesforce’s State of the Connected Customer report,

  • 68% percent of customers have purchased products in new ways over the past two years. (2)
  • The report highlights that 90% of buyers say the experience a company provides matters as much as the products and services they are purchasing.

Parity between revenue and experience is what today’s buyers are demanding. In the sink-or-swim version of today’s B2C landscape, the swimmers are the ones who can provide an exceptional purchasing experience beyond the transaction.

Innovating Revenue Lifecycle Management 

Neocol is helping companies every day to innovate their Revenue Lifecycle Management strategies to meet the demands of their customers.

By expanding our practice expertise to include Service Cloud, Neocol is meeting the demands of companies to address the evolving need for digital acceleration.

But digital-first customer engagement is not enough.

You also need to be:

  • Good stewards of personal data
  • Transparent when faced with challenges
  • Aligning the value of offerings with customer expectations

These are a few examples of metrics that Neocol can implement to help your company achieve positive results.

Not surprisingly, 96% of customers say excellent customer service builds trust and 83% of customers say they’re more loyal to companies that provide consistency across departments. (2)

By leveraging features like Omni-channel routing, Live Chat, Next Best Action, and Process Automation, companies can streamline their interactions with customers to ensure the fastest resolution to the inquiry.

But it doesn’t stop with the support team.

Sales, operations, marketing, and other teams within an organization can get a 360-degree view of their customer to ensure the latest information is available. With self-service options such as Experience Cloud, Knowledge, and AI Bots, companies can provide guided support 24/7. Bringing these capabilities together can improve customer satisfaction (CSAT) by over 20%.

Service Cloud and Digital Engagement technologies from Salesforce are essential components to delivering delightful experiences for our clients’ customers. By keeping the customer at the center of everything we deliver, our team of experts brings the insight and understanding needed to accelerate your digital journey. Neocol has completed hundreds of successful implementations that provide robust and scalable solutions that meet these evolving trends with positive outcomes.

By partnering with Neocol and Salesforce, your business can fully unlock the power of Service Cloud, Revenue Cloud, Sales Cloud, and the Salesforce Customer 360 Platform. We help businesses to connect their sales, partner operations, and finance teams, allowing them to create a single source of truth for revenue and customer transactions, from purchase to renewal to revenue recognition.

1-Source: Salesforce, State of Service report, 4th edition

2-Source: Salesforce, State of the Connected Customer report, 5th edition

About Neocol

Neocol is a rapidly rising and preferred Salesforce Summit consulting partner advising the World’s most innovative subscription organizations on how to optimize their revenue lifecycle management and billing processes to gain competitive advantage, promote cross-functional transparency, and provide a superior customer experience.

About the Author: 

Steven Frers recently joined Neocol to lead the Service Cloud practice and has over 16 years of experience helping evangelize the Salesforce platform across all industry segments for startups to Fortune 50 organizations. He has been working in technology and operations leadership for over 30 years.


Proactively Prevent Churn

Prevent customers from canceling or decreasing their subscriptions and related services.

Fuel Product-Led Growth

Position products as the main drivers of customer acquisition, activation, satisfaction, retention, and scalable expansion.

Quote w/ Speed, Accuracy,
& Control

Scale your business with essential controls, accuracy, and flexibility that drive top-line revenue.

Ignite Partner Relationship

Unleash your partner network to
enable growth and provide world-
class service to your customers.

Best-In-Class CX Customer

Deliver personalized experiences to customers through innovative marketing, sales, service, and engagement strategies.

Unlock Efficient Self-Service 

Drive efficiency, reduce costs, and make it easier for your customers to do business with you at any point of their journey.

Automate Revenue

Eliminate manual worksheet-driven processes by creating a fully automated, common source of truth.

Harvest Game-Changing
Intelligence & Data

Leverage data and AI across your business to optimize your operating model, supercharge performance, and make informed decisions.

Streamline Billing
& Collections

Automate invoice generation and contract updates to drive efficiencies.

Delight customers and ignite your partner network with multi-cloud solutions for subscription businesses
Improve the subscription customer experience, speed up sales cycles, and automate billing and revenue recognition

Drive profitable top-line growth selling through your partners

Unleash seamless integration and unparalleled efficiency, revolutionizing your business connectivity and accelerating growth
Simplify revenue recognition and compliance on the Salesforce platform

Meet your customers where they want to be met

Simplify the complexity and strain around evolving revenue recognition mandates

Delight your customers by enabling a simple, easy-to-use payments page


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