Spotlight: Kayleigh Blair

21st March 2022

Kayleigh Blair

We continue to highlight some of our fantastic team recognizing Women’s History Month. 

Kayleigh Blair: Modern Ohana  

Kayleigh Blair, a Lead Solutions Engineer, is an avid learner, arming herself with more than 90 badges and certifications since joining the Salesforce ecosystem six years ago. Her competitive nature with coworkers drove her to complete many of the Salesforce Trails, including several Superbadges, with more to come. "It helped me become a well-rounded individual and progress in my career." 

After graduating with an Applied Mathematics degree, she found herself in customer service and the hospitality industry before optimization for a routing software company. She progressed into the Salesforce space working in a variety of roles in delivery. "Previously working in a variety of roles makes me a more well-rounded solutions engineer. It helps me realize what we need by taking in requirements and building it to support a successful delivery model."  

Kayleigh uses her in-depth knowledge to help clients solve challenges while leveraging the most from their technology. "One of my favorite things about this role is that every client has different questions and challenges to address." 

She collaborates across multiple internal and external teams to articulate processes while ensuring clients and prospects are best leveraging their systems to address their business initiatives. Her role is heavily technical. Calling herself a translator, she speaks to sales, finance, business analysts, lawyers, and others so that multiple people can understand and come to an agreement.  

"Kayleigh displays ownership and collaboration when working alongside the sales team," said David Holstein, Chief Revenue Officer. "She is continuously creative, provides a different perspective, and strategy on how to help the sales team close deals."

Kayleigh was drawn to Neocol's rapid growth, integrity and kindness. "We pride ourselves in our customer satisfaction and doing what is best for the customer. I love that we're growing and developing our brand as we carve out our space in the Salesforce Ohana, working with integrity and kindness." 

When she's not taking in Montana's beautiful landscape camping, you can find her displaying kindness and integrity in community volunteering. She is involved in several non-profits, including Spectrum Science Museum, the Salvation Army, Habitat for Humanity, and local food banks. "Every little bit helps. It gives you as much, if not more than you give." 

She is also in the early stages of spearheading Neocol Cares, a program to create volunteer awareness collaborating with other internal Neocol groups.  

"Kayleigh is a self-starter and a go-getter who is trustworthy and a pleasure to work with,” said Thane Tagg Jr., Vice President, Solutions. "Kayleigh's passion in ensuring our customers' success is top tier. She puts 100% into everything she does, and the results prove it."

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