Spotlight: Shelby Carlson

21st March 2022

Shelby Carlson

Get to know a former scout in honor of the Girl Scouts' birthday, March 12.

Shelby Carlson: Solution-Driven Volunteering and Project Management  

Giving back and being challenge-driven started at an early age for Shelby Carlson when she joined Girl Scouts in kindergarten, continuing with the program through the end of high school. "I loved finding opportunities to challenge myself and help others." 

A particularly proud Girl Scout moment involved Shelby creating a music solution to serve the community. She spent more than 100 hours designing and executing an after-school music mentorship program for high school and middle school students. She obtained music, promoted her program, directed rehearsals, and ran the final production. The program was so successful that it continued the following year, earning her the prestigious Gold Award in Girl Scouts.

In addition to Girl Scouts, Shelby participated in Destination Imagination. Destination Imagination is a program where students choose a challenge and develop a solution that inspires the next generation of innovators, leaders, and creative problem solvers. "This was really influential in my life, particularly in how I solve problems. 

Her involvement with Destination Imagination has come full circle as she now volunteers as an appraiser. She observes, appraises, and scores student solutions. Depending on the student's score, they can potentially present at regional, state, and global competitions. "It is incredible to see how the teams creatively solve the challenges and watch them gain skills that will benefit them as they grow up and enter the workforce."

Her solution-driven experience in her formative years led her to become a Client Success Manager at Neocol, an environment she thrives in. "There's never a problem that can't be solved by working together, which has been incredibly rewarding."

With her background in Salesforce Managed Services, she has enjoyed utilizing her experience to help shape Neocol's new Managed Services offering. "It is an exceptional platform that continues to prove its worth and allows me to do meaningful work for my clients."

Shelby has seen the exceptional growth and impact that Neocol has had in the Salesforce ecosystem. "Neocol is a fantastic place to work that values its employees. I love creating connections and collaborating with others to achieve a common goal."


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