The Most Common Misconception About Why Salesforce CPQ Won’t Work for Your Business

28th October 2020

If you’ve read our most recent blog post, you know what a CPQ is and the advantages Salesforce CPQ in particular offers to your organization. While implementing CPQ software is a big undertaking, some businesses don’t believe that CPQs provide any benefits to them and that CPQs aren’t worth the investment.

Many organizations (understandably so) are not well versed in all the comprehensive offerings of Salesforce CPQ. They perceive the solutions to be too basic and not directly aligned with the business problem they are trying to solve.

In reality, most organizations only use about 20-40% of all of the offerings of Salesforce CPQ. Salesforce CPQ is extremely flexible to meet most types of sales processes for most business types. It can be extended or tailored to fit unique business needs.

Neocol and the experts on the CPQ team have seen hundreds of Salesforce CPQ implementations and know how to turn business problems into unique solutions with Salesforce CPQ. Leveraging these solutions increases the value of a client’s spend on their investment in CPQ because it positively impacts more than just the sales team.

Additionally, Neocol has extensive experience creating CPQ foundations that can be scaled. A large part of Neocol’s CPQ expertise is remediating incorrectly implemented CPQ, so scalability is a common problem the CPQ professionals at Neocol know how to solve.

A successful CPQ implementation gives your customers a better buying experience, your finance department a more consistent billing experience, and your operations team less hassle with varying pricing and quotes.

Want to learn more about how Salesforce CPQ can benefit your business? Reach out today!

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