Integrating Salesforce CPQ Starts with Your Business Processes

18th November 2020

If you’re considering implementing a new CPQ tool at your organization, the first step may be to reevaluate your business processes. Afterall, CPQs are the automation of several different business processes, so starting a square one can pay off in the long run.

Business processes are the methods and procedures that are followed to accomplish the organization’s goals. Even though business processes differ between organizations, all can improve their business processes with help from CPQ.

How? With Neocol’s Expertise

The CPQ team at Neocol are experts in all things Salesforce CPQ. A lot of the CPQ projects that our team works on are remediation projects, which means a client had a poorly implemented CPQ and we jump on board to help them fix the issues.

Overview of Project Process

Many businesses want to utilize CPQ but need help. As mentioned, a large percentage of our projects are fixing or remediating poorly implemented CPQs. When potential clients realize that they need help with their CPQ and begin remediating research, they discover Neocol and our services. Upon initial conversations, we learn about that client’s current business processes and how Salesforce CPQ can best compliment their organization.

The next part of the project can go one of two ways:

1.     We find CPQ solutions that fit into your current business processes.

If your business processes are clean, make sense for your organization, or would be too complicated to redo, then we will find creative ways for Salesforce CPQ to work with what you already have. We know Salesforce CPQ inside and out, and we know the best uses for your organization.

2.     We alter your business processes to fit in with Salesforce CPQ.

You may not realize that business processes that you’ve have implemented for years aren’t the most efficient. Once we learn about your business and product line, we can find the best processes for you to utilize in line with Salesforce CPQ.

Are you curious if your current business processes are the best for your organization? Get in touch today and find out!

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