Spotlight: Meet Ben Logan

27th July 2022

"I love what I do because I enjoy helping organizations find solutions to their challenges."

Meet Ben Logan. Ben has been a part of Neocol since July 2021. In that time he has risen as a trusted advisor and leader within the Neocol technology team as a Technical Architect.

Ben began his IT journey as a junior in high school and turned his passion into a career, finding a niche in the Salesforce ecosystem where he has spent a little more than a decade working in Salesforce development for a range of clients, delivering complex solutions. 

"I took this career path because it gives me the opportunity to build things and solve problems. I joined Neocol because I saw a lot of opportunity for growth - it's a small organization with a great culture. Being a part of something like this and seeing the growth really gives you something to be proud of. On top of all of that I think Neocol has some really talented folks working here and I really enjoy learning from and working with all of them."

Outside of Neocol, Ben enjoys gardening and has a passion for growing anything he can, "On our honeymoon we just went to tons of botanical gardens - The Fairchild Tropical Garden and Vizcaya Botanical Garden in Miami, Marie Selby in Sarasota, Morikami Japanese Gardens in Delray, West Martello Tower in Key West, and the Sunken Gardens in St Petersburg."

Ben was selected as our July employee of the month for his daily demostration and stewardship of the Neocol Core Values.

"He truly embodies all the core values of Neocol and possesses a unique combination of skills that really sets him apart. He has very strong technical skills, is motivated to continue to learn and grow, actively seeks out ways to collaborate with others and help others improve, and is able to communicate in a way that everyone is receptive to. He is always willing to lend a hand to help others, regardless of the heavy workload he often has himself."

In the 1st half of ‘22, Ben has successfully been a part of Articulate, BuiltIn, FMG as a TA, where he has gone above and beyond to ensure each project and all members of the team are successful.  Ben has also helped out others above his own work, contributing to teams on Activpayroll, PwC, Dynatrace, eFile, and Enliven so that those engagements were successful as well.

Not only does Ben execute on Neocol’s methodology and standards, he has been part of shaping and improving them. Ben has played a critical role in creating a deployment strategy at Neocol and has recently led an Education Series session on the topic of Salesforce Flows.

As part of our #EmployeeSpotlight, our awardees get to choose a charity of their choice for a donation to be made in their name, Ben chose to donate to ACADIANA ANIMAL AID, a philanthropy dedicated as no kill animal welfare organization for dogs and cats in the Acadiana area.


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