The Potential Harm That Could Be Caused if your Zuora Migration Is Done Incorrectly

7th October 2020

You’ve been a Zuora customer for a long time, but you’re ready for a new subscription management tool that doesn’t require so much manual work. If you already have an investment in Salesforce software for your CRM, switching from Zuora to Salesforce CPQ & Billing is a no brainer. The process to migrate is one that the experts at Neocol are familiar and very comfortable with, but it is a process that needs to be treated with patience and detail. Read on to learn about issues that could come up during your data migration process and how to avoid these issues.

Future Renewal, Amendment and Billing Errors

You likely have many future renewals in Zuora that you will need to make sure are transferred properly. Data that is not migrated due to incorrect extraction filtering or data incorrectly mapped due to incorrect transformation logic will result in incorrect pricing or billing frequencies in Salesforce CPQ & Billing. You could also be left to deal with additional platform charges due to the creation of historical invoices, which is extra work and money lost, which could have been avoided.

Be Mindful of your Zuora Renewal Date

A data migration project could take anywhere from 12 weeks to 1.5 years. Be sure to give your organization ample time to complete each step diligently before your Zuora subscription expires.

Keep in mind, it is best practice to conduct several sample test migrations before the official migration takes place. This will ensure you have time to reconcile any malfunctions and errors. In your testing process, you need to test the lifecycle of the migrated data.  Make sure you have test cases involving instances such as invoicing, renewing and amending records that were migrated. Taking the time up front to be thorough with the data will save the extra time it may take later to fix things that aren’t done properly.

Managing Confidential Information

Data migration processes often require transferring confidential customer information such as credit card numbers, social security numbers, ACH banking details and more. This type of data needs to be regarded in an official PCI compliance manner to avoid compromising the safety of the data.

Organizing Years of Historical Information

Historical information in Zuora is often left behind when customers move to Salesforce CPQ & Billing.  This information can be migrated to preserve the necessary financial records without incurring the additional cost of transaction volume charges for legacy data.

Partner with Neocol as a Solution

Neocol has deep knowledge of Zuora platform and the issues that can come up during the data migration to Salesforce CPQ & Billing. Are you interested in migrating from Zuora to Salesforce CPQ & Billing? Contact us today to have a conversation!

Contributor: Sean Ralph, Principal Billing Architect, Neocol

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