Top 4 Questions to Ask Before Migrating from Recurly to Salesforce CPQ & Billing

2nd April 2020

Migrating from Recurly to Salesforce CPQ & Billing is becoming increasingly more common as subscription economy scales. Gartner predicts that approximately 80% of software as a service (SaaS) businesses will transform their business model from traditional licensing and maintenance to subscription by the end of this year.


Many of our customers find themselves wanting to transform and scale their Quote-to-Cash operations through Salesforce CPQ & Billing - a single platform in which this type of transformation can be streamlined. As we help our customers understand how to simplify their Quote-to-Cash process, a common streamlining that occurs in the subscription world is often migrating from Recurly to Salesforce CPQ & Billing.


Undergoing this type of project underprepared may result in significant impact to the business. Through our experience, we've identified the Top 4 questions you should ask yourself before migrating from Recurly to Salesforce CPQ & Billing


1. Is our product configuration truly ready to migrate from Recurly to Salesforce CPQ & Billing?

  • Has your organization conducted an inventory of how your products are configured alongside associated legal entities, tax scenarios, applicable general ledgers, and other necessary subscription and billing information? Has your organization conducted its due diligence to understand the constructs of Salesforce CPQ & Billing? At Neocol, we help our customers perform the right due diligence to assess their readiness to successfully make this change as well as providing proprietary tools for efficiency.


2. Are we looking to migrate or transform through our Recurly to Salesforce CPQ & Billing project?

  • It is imperative to understand what you are looking to accomplish from this potential migration. Are you looking to replicate current functionality or are you looking to transform your business model to enhance the customer experience? Use this time to progress and improve. Many of our customers are unaware of Salesforce CPQ & Billing functionality, so we help them understand where transformation is possible as well as how to achieve it.



3. What systems must we integrate to ensure our customer experience isn't disrupted during our Recurly to Salesforce CPQ & Billing migration?

  • The entire Quote-to-Cash process typically entails more than a handful of technologies across quoting tools, subscription management, invoicing, payments, and other back-end functionality. For many of our customers, they found it hard to identify which systems overlapped others, which they needed, which were "too much tool", etc. We help our customers look at their technology landscape to quickly assess the necessary systems to ensure streamlined operations while not having to disrupt the customer experience they've worked hard to create.


4. How can we de-risk our Recurly to Salesforce CPQ & Billing migration?

  • This type of transformation comes with risk and that may be unsettling for a lot of organizations. The best thing to do is to leverage an experienced partner to help you navigate these waters. At Neocol, we have developed recipes for Recurly to Salesforce CPQ & Billing migrations to minimize data errors and help customers achieve speed-to-value. Having a repeatable tool to ensure migration success allows our customers to rest easy knowing that their most critical data is in the right hands.


Answering each of these questions, being diligent, and working alongside the right people will unlock the success of your Recurly to Salesforce CPQ & Billing migration


Contact us for more best practices and thought leadership to guide your Recurly to Salesforce CPQ & Billing migration to success.

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